No matter how big or small your estate is, it’s important to have a plan for the future. A comprehensive Estate Plan involves more than just a Will. While a Will can provide for the transfer of your assets (property) at death, it does not cover you in case something happens to you due to illness or injury. An effective Estate Plan will lay out who will make decisions for you when you are legally incapacitated.

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While we recognized that having a Will is extremely important, it is necessary to point out that a Will has no legal effect until after your death and only when it gets probated.  However, a Will does not help you in case you become temporarily or even permanently incapacitated, as it does not direct who or how your assets are managed or how your wishes will be followed with regards to medical decisions.

A well thought out Estate Plan should cover the following questions:

  • Who will receive my property when I die and how should it be distributed?
  • Who will be responsible for distributing my property in accordance with my wishes when I die?
  • Who will manage my assets if I become incapacitated?
  • What type of medical care do I want if I am unable to discuss my care with my doctor?
  • Who will make decisions about my medical care if I cannot? Will that person have access to my medical information so he or she can make informed decisions?

Also, if you have minor children, the following questions will be of the same importance:

  • Who will take care for my minor children if I die or if I become incapacitated?
  • Who will be responsible for managing their assets if I die or if I become incapacitated?

At GP Schoemakers, PLLC, our Houston Estate Planning Lawyer recommends that every estate plan includes the following documents:

      1. Simple Texas Will
      2. Texas Durable Power of Attorney
      3. Texas Medical Power of Attorney (Advance Directive)
      4. Texas Directive to Physicians (a Living Will)
      5. HIPAA Authorization
      6. And if you have minor children at home, a Kids Safety Plan

We also offer plans that include a Revocable Living Trust, or Pour-over Wills depending on your personal needs, asset based or desire for privacy.

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GP Schoemakers offers various estate planning and asset protection planning needs, so let us help you plan a better tomorrow, today.

    • Family Estate Planning – plan for everyone and everything by ensuring you know what will happen to your loved ones, assets, and money after you have passed.
    • Kids Safety Plan™  – is an extra layer of protection that the average estate plan lacks. The Kids Safety Plan™ is designed to uniquely address the protection of your children, whether you are single, married, in an LGBTQ relationship, separated or divorced.
    • LGBTQ Estate Planning – LGBTQ Estate Planning allows you to make vital personal decisions about your care and the care of your family.
    • Guardianship Planning Plan for your family’s future by making sure you decide what happens to your family, versus the court, should both parents be unable to care for your children.
    • Special Needs Planning – Provide your special needs or developmentally disabled children with a proper caregiver and financial support they need after you pass.
    • Asset Protection – We never know what’s going to happen and when so it’s best to have a plan in place and review it every so often to be sure your assets pass onto the correct loved ones, or your family is taken care for.
    • Legacy Preservation Planning – Your unique gift of a message to loved ones left behind helps them move forward when you are no longer there.
    • Gun Trusts – Protect your weapons when you pass or share your possessions with your family or friends while accounting for federal laws and help to avoid probate when you pass.

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  4. Design an estate plan that meets your needs
  5. Make sure you Minor Children are taken care for


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