Estate Planning in League City, TX

Discuss Wills and Trusts with an Estate Planning Lawyer

It's important to have a plan for the future. You want to make sure your family will be cared for after you pass. Estate planning is the best way to make your wishes clear-you can create a will or trust that will help your family divide your assets.

Discuss estate planning with a trusted lawyer in the League City, TX area today. The Law Offices of GP Schoemakers, PLLC can help you develop a thorough plan for your estate.

Don't leave your family guessing - get help with estate planning today

Don't leave your family guessing - get help with estate planning today

GP Schoemakers offers various estate planning and asset protection planning needs so let us help you plan a better tomorrow, today.

  • Family Estate Planning - plan for everyone and everything by ensuring you know what will happen to your loved ones, assets and money after you have passed.
  • Asset Protection - We never know what's going to happen and when so it's best to have a plan in place and review it every so often to be sure your assets pass onto the correct loved ones or your family is taken care of.
  • Legacy Preservation Planning - Your unique gift of a message to loved ones left behind helps them move forward when you are no longer there.
  • Gun Trusts - Protect your weapons when you pass or simply share your possessions with your family or friends while accounting for federal laws and help to avoid probate when you pass.
  • Guardianship Planning - Plan for your family's future by making sure you decide what happens to your family, versus the court, should both parents be unable to care for your children.
  • Special Needs Planning - Provide your special needs or developmental disabled children with a proper caregiver and financial support they need after you pass.

Contact the Law Offices of GP Schoemakers today to arrange a consultation with a reputable estate planning lawyer in League City, Texas. Attorney Schoemakers will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your situation
  • Take a close look at your assets
  • Help you understand wills and trusts
  • Design an estate plan that meets your needs

Trust attorney Schoemakers to help you determine the best way to manage your estate. Call now to schedule an appointment with an estate planning lawyer in League City, TX.