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GP Schoemakers, PLLC is a law firm with the sole purpose of protecting your loved ones, your assets, and your legacy through estate planning solutions designed exclusively for you. We are dedicated to understanding your unique situation and passionate about providing every client with exceptional service. Because your time is valuable, we tailor the estate planning process to meet your needs.  We understand that estate planning has emotional, sometimes stressful, components, and we are ready to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We believe a sound estate plan takes more than just looking at your assets for this reason our comprehensive Estate Planning Services include the following area’s of law: Estate Planning (Wills, Power of Attorneys, Living Will, HIPAA), Guardianship, and Probate law (including Estate and Trust Administration) but also Business Law (including Entity Selection/Business formation, up to Business Succession Planning), and Family Law (such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and grandparents’ rights).

We offer in person, as well as Online estate planning. If you are looking to create a plan, without leaving the comfort of your own home, please check out our Virtual Estate Planning Service.

Some of the Practice Areas we can help you with:

Speak with our Trusted Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer

Consult a dedicated estate planning lawyer in CLEAR LAKE/LEAGUE CITY, TX

Let’s be honest-thinking about the future can be stressful. But it’s important to start planning ahead, because you don’t want to leave your family with unanswered questions about your assets. Contact the Law Offices of GP Schoemakers, PLLC today to speak with an estate planning lawyer. Our practice specializes in designing individual and family estate plans that focus on who you are and what’s most important to you now as well as a few years down the road. Attorney Schoemakers will work with you to build a tailored estate plan that is specific to your desires and needs, a solid plan that will work when you and your family need it.

Our office is located in CLEAR LAKE/LEAGUE CITY, TX, however, attorney Schoemakers represents individuals and families all over Texas by providing Virtual Estate Planning Services. Traditional legal services, such as in-person planning services and court-appearances are reserved for clients or matters in Harris, Galveston, Brazoria and Fort Bend counties.

Tailor your estate plan to fit your needs

Schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of GP Schoemakers, PLLC today to speak with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer in the CLEAR LAKE/LEAGUE CITY, Texas area. Attorney Schoemakers can help you:

Develop a plan for your estate
Create a will or trust
Designate guardianship
Establish a special needs trust
Probate an estate

Whether you’re planning for your future or dividing a loved one’s estate, trust attorney Schoemakers for reliable legal guidance. Call her office today to make an appointment with an estate planning and probate lawyer.


When it comes to planning your family’s financial future, you want to make sure you’re making the best decision possible. That’s why it’s important to choose a lawyer you can rely on. Here are Six Reasons to hire the Law Offices of GP Schoemakers, PLLC:

  1. Attorney Schoemakers has been practicing law for over 15 years.
  2. She has been serving clients throughout Texas since 2011. We offer Virtual Estate Planning services as well as In-Person services for people in Brazoria County, Fort Bend, Galveston County, and Harris County with their Estate Planning, Guardianship, Probate / Trust Administration, Business Law, and Family Law Matters (such as Divorces, Visitations, and Adoptions).
  3. She offers no-pressure personalized estate planning/business planning/family law and probate consultations.
  4. She focuses on building lifetime relationships and building relationships with your family and trusted advisors you have a community of support when you need it.
  5. Communication is key.
  6. We offer in person and virtual consultations, and we will visit hospitals, care/living facilities to facilitate estate planning needs.

Tell us how we can help you! Do you want to discuss your case? Give us a call! Attorney Schoemakers is available to speak with you.

Contact the Law Offices of GP Schoemakers, PLLC today to arrange a consultation with a reputable lawyer in Clear Lake, Texas.

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