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Emergency estate planning services are available, at a Premium, for estate planning documents such as Trusts, Wills, Advance Health Care Directives, Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions, HIPAA Waivers, Final Disposition Authorization and Instructions, Guardianship Nominations, and Designation of Health Care Agent for Minor Children.

Attorney Gratia P. Schoemakers is here for you.

Why Use an Online Estate Planning Firm?

  1. You need an estate plan
  2. You want to avoid difficult and expensive estate administration, such as a will contest.
  3. You are looking for Convenience (you do not have to travel, and you can get everything done from the comfort of your home in your pajama’s)
  4. You are looking for Quality!

Most of our clients end up on this page beause they, just like you, are looking for professional advice! They, just like you, understand the dangers and false sense of security of DIY plans, and want nothing less than professionally well drafted plan that will not only protect you, and your assets, but also your family!

Why us?

We have been using Zoom and the telephone to meet clients a while now. Our initial motivation was to address an unmet legal demand for convenient, however due to COVID19, online planning has become a necessity for many, and will be here to stay as part of our “New Normal”!

Prices quoted for online services are for online services only, and subject to change.

Virtual Estate Planning

EASY AS 1-2-3!

During our Initial Interview we will determine what type of Estate Plan is best for you (Basic or Comprehensive). After which you will be provided with the appropriate Questionnaire, so that we can start your personalized Estate Planning Process!
Once you have completed your Questionnaire, we will get together on Zoom to discuss your personal goals, needs and wishes, where appropriate we will quote you a fixed price, a retainer agreement will need to be signed, and when the retainer fee is paid, we will start the drafting process.
Once we have completed the drafting process you will receive your customized estate planning documents in the mail, along with instructions on how to properly sign your documents, notarization and how to transfer assets to your trust (if applicable).