The One Thing Every New Grandparent Must Do As Soon As Possible

Congratulations on welcoming the newest addition to your family.  Being a new grandparent changes everything — including how you approach your finances — and is one of the most joyous occasions in life.  The excitement of a new baby — and all of the firsts that come with this bundle of joy — can grab all of your attention and focus.  That being said, there is one thing that every new grandparent must do as soon as possible that is often overlooked.  Specifically, every new grandparent should immediately create (or revise) an estate plan so that it includes your family’s [...]

Did You Include Your Grandkids in Your Will?

Did you include your grandkids in your will?  5 Tips to Avoid Common Problems As we build wealth, we naturally desire to pass that financial stability to our offspring. With the grandkids, especially, we often share a special bond that makes us want to provide well for their future. However, that bond can actually turn into a weakness if proper precautions aren’t set in place. If you’re planning to include the grandchildren in your will, here are five potential dangers to watch for, and ways you can avoid them. 1. Including no age stipulation. We have no idea how old [...]

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