An estate plan is much more than just a way of passing your assets to the next generation. A well-designed estate plan should determine the destiny of your assets in a way that also supports your core values, it should be a reflextion of you. Legacy planning with GP Schoemakers, PLLC will make sure you impart your wisdom and values to your beneficiaries so they, in turn, can utilize their inheritance in the way you had envisioned. The primary legal instruments we use to achieve your personalized legacy planning is by utilizing Trusts and Wills. These documents should reflect who we are, and how we like to preserve family harmony and values for generations to come.

How we choose to transfer our assets can be as simple as doing nothing, and solely relyingfamily’s legacy upon state intestacy laws or by taking control from simple estate plans to plans that are as complex as creating dynasty trusts that will provide for future generations of beneficiaries. While the options are limitless, there are best practices. For example, a trust-based estate plan is preferable if you want to avoid probate to the greatest extent possible or if you want to keep your affairs as private as possible. A will-based plan is preferable if you want to avoid the administrative tasks required with a living trust.

Leaving your legacy can be more than estate planning or securing your financial assets. Legacy preservation is a unique intangible gift that you cannot put a value on. It’s that little extra, tha twill protect a beneficiary who is or might become disabled or risks still being a minor when they inherit, or to implement guidelines to ensure your children or grandchildren finish that education you wished for them to got, or maybe that little extra help they might need when they purchase a home or business.

Helping you create strategies to implement your legacy in your estate plan is just one of the few important steps we take at GP Schoemakers, PLLC. Not only that, we also help you implement Charitable Giving, because it is a personally rewarding activity but also because it can serve as a very effective estate planning tool.

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