“Estate planning is an important and everlasting gift you can give your family.
And setting up a smooth inheritance isn’t as hard as you might think.”
~ Suze Orman  

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My spouse and I had our estate plan done 20 years ago. It is done and off of our to-do list, at least until after one of us has passed away.

Estate planning is not a one and done event. By not updating your estate plan to take into consideration your changes in circumstances over the past 20 years or those of your beneficiaries, you are inviting a contest because things have inevitably changed. 

My son has creditor issues. In order to ensure that my money does not get into the hands of the creditors, I cannot leave any money or assets to my son.

Disinheritance is not the only option. Through the use of discretionary trusts, we can help you leave money to your son that will be for his benefit only.


I want to keep my estate planning private. How can I help prevent conflict while still protecting my privacy?

Maintaining privacy is a very serious matter. However, too much secrecy can breed distrust and cause problems among the family. If you do not want to get into all of the details of your estate plan, such as what or how much each person is to receive, it is important to at least let your family know that you have had a plan prepared and that it reflects your wishes. With this little bit of information, your family will understand that the choices you made were yours and not someone else’s and that you have taken the time to have them memorialized. 

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