A comprehensive Estate Plan should include at least five documents. For a brief description of each of these and why each is important, see this link. Estate Planning is of crucial for everyone, no matter of age, relationship status or sexual orientation. We at GP Schoemakers, PLLC understand the importance of a Holistic Estate Plan that will fit your personal situation, lifestyle and family dynamics. We have helped individuals and couples, so whether you are single, married, with or without children, have a blended family or LGBTQ relationship, we can help you with a comprehensive estate plan that will help you control your estate or health management in case of incapacity due or the inevitable.

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Estate Planning Process

We offer both In-Person Estate Planning – Concierge Service Levels as well as Virtual Estate Planning Options.

Why do we offer both? Because life is about options and choices, and we want to give you more than the Traditional Law Firms. We firmly believe that Estate Planning is an essential part of everyone’s life, it doesn’t matter how much assets you have, have busy you are or where in Texas you live. We understand that some people need more in-dept planning while other dont. Some of your clients don’t mind doing some of the leg-work, while others prefer the more traditional, concierge service level estate planning approach. No matter what your preference might be, we are here for you!

We know that every estate plan is as unique as you, this is why we tailor your estate plan to fit your personal situation.

To start the Estate Planning Process with us, the following is required:

  1. Schedule an initial free consultation. At this meeting (which is not one of the two required meetings and will be done via the phone, it takes about 5-10 minutes), we will go over what an estate plan entails, answer any questions you may have about the process, and discuss your general estate planning goals.
  2. We will decide if you would benefit most from our In-Person Estate Planning – Concierge Service Levels   or Virtual Estate Planning Options.
    1. If you like the process and you’re interested in sitting down with our trusted Estate Planning Attorney, during our Estate and Legacy Preservation Meeting™, we will schedule this 60-90 minute paid consultation during which we will in detail cover information about your family, the size of your estate, and your estate planning objectives. When you sign an engagement agreement, the Estate and Legacy Preservation Meeting™ fee will be applied to the cost of your estate plan, making the consultation complementary to you.
      • You will be asked to fill out our estate planning worksheet and bring it with you to your Estate and Legacy Preservation Meeting™. This worksheet will include: (a) information about you and your family, (b) information about your assets and how you would like those assets distributed, (c) information about who you would like to make decisions for you regarding medical care and management of your property if you are unable, and (d) if you have children, information about who you would like to take care of them if you are unable.
      • After signing an engagement agreement with us, we will schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss specific aspects of your estate plan, or if time permits, we might even discuss specifics of your estate plan during your Estate and Legacy Preservation Meeting™.
      • We will then draft your estate planning documents based on our discussion, provide a plan summary for your review, and make any necessary corrections.
      • Thereafter, we may schedule an execution ceremony at our office. At this ceremony, you will sign all of your documents and have them witnessed and notarized with the formalities required to make them legally valid and binding.
    2. If you choose our Virtual Estate Planning Option, you will be given access to our online interactive estate planning worksheet, where you will do most of the leg-work. Where you will:
      • Complete your “NEW CLIENT REGISTRATION” form
      • Complete custom drafted online forms
      • Schedule a time for a live consult with your attorney either via phone or Zoom to give you feedback and recommendations based on your worksheet
      • Upload and download sensitive documents necessary for the planning process
      • Our Attorney will then personally Draft all your Estate Planning Documents
      • All documents will be delivered to you with specific instructions for properly executing all of your documents and instructions on their safekeeping

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